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Welcoming the Unknown Visitor

“Describe the customer journey” can mean something different to each client I work with, but it’s a question that quickly identifies areas of opportunity for the business. For some organizations, the customer journey may be long and complex, while for others they prefer to keep it simple. But, no matter which way your customer journey is built, there is one customer that should be included and handled specially, and that is the anonymous website visitor.

Anonymous Website Visitor

In most sales models, the anonymous website visitor doesn’t even get put into the funnel, let alone go through a process of qualification. But, with the technology available today, this no longer has to be the case. Not only can this unknown traffic go into the funnel, but they can be analyzed and re-targeted in an effort to qualify them as sales leads. Anonymous visitors are opportunity.

How it works

Tracking pixels can be placed on your website to capture the IP address information of website visitors. With our database, we can help match these IP addresses to home addresses, append third-party information to them and assist you in assigning a buyer persona through analysis. Some of these visitors may not be worth the effort of further targeting, but some of these visitors may match the personas of your best clientele.

Taking this information, anonymous visitors can then be targeted in digital advertising or mailed offers. These efforts increase awareness to and consideration for your brand. Example messages could be aimed at reinforcing a potential problem your product is the solution for, or overcoming potential objections such as price, by offering a discount code.

Increase ROI

Your marketing team has been spending budget dollars promoting your website across many channels. But when someone sees those promotions and enters your website anonymously, you miss out on the opportunity that has been generated if they walk away. Increase ROI for your marketing efforts by taking the extra steps needed to increase conversions – market to the anonymous visitors you’ve missed out on in the past.

If your business is spending money driving traffic to your website, make sure not to miss out on the opportunity anonymous traffic brings. Ensure you have a plan for them in your customer journey map that brings these prospects into the sales funnel for increased conversions.

Want to learn more about B2E’s anonymous website visitor campaigns? Visit or contact us today.

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