MotusIP: Modem/Router Targeted Display

IP Targeting: B2C

Consumers (B2C) - reach consumers at their home address using a targeted customer or prospect list.

Example: You are a window sales company. Your ideal customer is 35 to 55 years old, makes over $100,000 per year and owns a 17-year-old home.  Digital ads can be sent to the prospect's home computer or smart phone as their visit their day-to-day websites (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)


IP Targeting: B2B 


Business (B2B) - reach employees/decision makers at their business address using a targeted customer or prospect lists.

Example: You are a bank that offers loans to dentists that need x-ray machines. The ideal target is dentist offices with 3 to 10 employees and have at least $2 million in revenue. Digital ads can be sent to ALL employee’s computer or smart phone as they visit websites at work (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)


Digital Canvasing

You provide a list of names, addresses and zip codes of your existing customers, and we run it through our IP Algorithm. Our algorithm will identify the IP addresses of homes within the line of site of your customer’s households.

Similar to how a service company would hand out flyers to the nearby houses after performing a service, Digital Canvassing looks at the street name and relative distance of intersections to determine which houses to serve digital ads to.