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MotusBase DataTuneUP
Data is messy, and if you’re like most businesses, cleaning it can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. Incomplete, inconsistent, or outdated data can lead to missed opportunities, and cleaning costs valuable time that could be spent analyzing.  

Anaconda reports that over 50% of Data Professionals time is spent purely on Data Prep, cleansing, and presentation

Big Data. Little Prep Time.

The Best thing you can do for your data (and yourself)

FEEL CONFIDENT Trust that you’re making the best decisions for your organization.


Collects & combines all data into a single source

Performs data hygiene

Organizes the data


Stores the data in easy-to read format for immediate analysis on your preferred reprting tool.

STOP GUESSING No more gut decisions.  Make conclusions based on data and insights.

DataTuneUp can help you transform your data into reliable and actionable information. B2E has the API connectors, third party data, and marketing expertise to get you analyzing your data faster and better than before. Contact to get started with DataTuneUp and:

  • Save Time and Money 

  • Focus on the tasks that drive your business 

Do what you do best

PLAN SMARTER Use data driven solutions to create the right message, and the right offer using the right media channel(s).


Client Success Stories:

Hear What Our Clients Say

“B2E’s data-driven solutions have boosted our marketing effectiveness and delivered measurable results for our client campaigns."

Strategic America

“B2E has provided innovative solutions to streamline our processes and empower us to make data-driven decisions, giving us a competitive edge in the market.”

Alaska Travel Industry Association

“Their cutting-edge solutions have empowered us to extract valuable insights, optimize decision-making processes, and drive unprecedented growth.”

Delta Dental of Iowa

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