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Welcome to the gateway of career adventures at B2E, where data becomes more than just numbers – it's the brush and palette for your creative journey! Join a team that thrives on turning analytics into art and insights into innovation. At B2E, we don't just dream big; we dream data-driven!


Although we may be a small company, we are hyper focused data marketing experts, with over 18 years of experience.

Marketing Data Analyst - (no openings at this time)


Join our team at B2E as a Marketing Data Analyst and dive headfirst into a world where numbers become our playground! Uncover the secrets hidden within data, transform it into captivating insights, and sprinkle your magic to boost our marketing strategies. If you're a data detective with a creative twist, we've got your dream gig right here!

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Keith Snow at

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