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Case Studies

Unveiling Success: Revealing Marketing Triumphs in B2E's Case Studies

Explore marketing excellence through B2E's Case Studies. Unveil inventive strategies and practical solutions spanning various industries. Dive into inspiring success stories, covering everything from data analytics to lead generation. Elevate your campaigns with real-world insights. 

Explore marketing excellence through B2E's Case Studies. Unveil inventive strategies and practical solutions spanning various
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With MotusIP Targeting campaigns, our non-profit client saw a 18.46% conversion rate, $114,909 total donations per campaign, and a 4,481% return on ad spend.

Big data for non-profits

A midwestern state saw 19 candidates turn to MotusIP targeting to achieve a 37.2% higher voter turnout and wins in 17 of 19 races.

Political Fundraising

By targeting individuals visiting nearby universities and community colleges, a university was able to source 27 new transfers 

University Student Recruitment

Using one-to-one digital targeting and match-back analysis, we can cut through the noise and deliver a relevant and timely message.

Medicare Insurance

Operating on a tight budget and hundreds of appointment slots needing to be filled? We can take a list of your previous customers and target them with display ads to warm them up before your company contacts them directly.

HVAC and Plumbing

Using our Digital New Movers managed database, we are able to take the addresses of recent movers and append an IP address. We can then deliver digital banners ads straight to their household, ensuring the client was the first pest control company they heard about.

Pest Control

Using IP targeted digital process, we can match the physical address of a customer to an IP address. We can drop direct mail pieces into the home and follow up with digital ads a few weeks later. This dual-channel approach provides a huge lift over just doing direct mail alone. 

Credit Union

Using Reverse Append, we are able to find anonymous IP addresses of potential customers and match them to a physical address. The prospects can then be sent to a custom-printed First-Class mail piece through a select print partner. 

Furniture Retailer

Using IP digital targeting technology and a managed database (Auto In The Market), we can create separate campaigns with detailed messages that corresponds to the vehicle currently owned by a particular target.

Automotive Dealer

Each fall, William Chris Vineyards hosts 80,000 visitors across its two rural Texas tasting rooms. Eager to enhance customer understanding and marketing strategy, they sought data-driven insights, despite challenges in capturing foot traffic and competitive intelligence.

William Chris Vineyard

Explore marketing excellence through B2E's Case Studies. Unveil inventive strategies and practical solutions spanning various

Case Study: William Chris Vineyards

Every fall, winery William Chris Vineyards welcomes 80,000 visitors to its two tasting rooms in rural Texas. The high volume of foot traffic represented a significant opportunity to improve the vineyard’s understanding of their customers, but data was difficult to capture and foot traffic was not tracked. William Chris was interested in obtaining valuable audience insights on their customers, as well as competitive intelligence about the customers of other local vineyards, to develop their annual marketing plan more effectively.

The Strategy 

B2E recommended the use of GeoFraming technology to capture mobile device information (MAIDS) from individuals who visited locations of interest. The tasting room locations of both William Chris and competing vineyards were ‘geoframed’, and foot traffic data was collected for the previous calendar year. Data was resolved to the household level, aggregated and anonymized to protect PII, and enhanced using B2E’s in-house demographic and individual data. 

The Outcome 

B2E was able to capture MAID information for more than 10,000 unique visitors to William Chris and competing vineyards, and provided valuable insight on: 

  • Visitor location of origin and drivetime 

  • Visit counts and distribution 

  • Preferred media channels 

William Chris went from having a limited understanding of their visitors to a breakdown of distinct personas and demographics. Using these insights, they were able to target their best markets and use their marketing resources more effectively. 


Client Success Stories:

Hear What Our Clients Say

“B2E’s data-driven solutions have boosted our marketing effectiveness and delivered measurable results for our client campaigns."

Strategic America

“B2E has provided innovative solutions to streamline our processes and empower us to make data-driven decisions, giving us a competitive edge in the market.”

Alaska Travel Industry Association

“Their cutting-edge solutions have empowered us to extract valuable insights, optimize decision-making processes, and drive unprecedented growth.”

Delta Dental of Iowa

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