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CAMPAIGN: Student Recruitment

BACKGROUND: A university wanted to get new students to enroll and wanted to attempt a new marketing strategy not tried before.

CHALLENGE: This university wanted to ensure that the audience targeted would be those most likely to convert. By doing this, they intended to make sure that the university’s marketing dollars were spent as effectively as possible. Their plan was to target individuals seen at nearby universities and community colleges to encourage transfers.

APPROACH: Using Venue Back Home, the mobile Device IDs of those seen consistently on college campuses within about an hour range of this university were collected. From there, they were then able to target these households with ads promoting transfers to the university.

Case Study



27% new student transfers.

235% improvement among those who were targeted versus those who were not.


Venue Back Home


Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

“B2E’s data-driven solutions have boosted our marketing effectiveness and delivered measurable results for our client campaigns."

Strategic America

“B2E has provided innovative solutions to streamline our processes and empower us to make data-driven decisions, giving us a competitive edge in the market.”

Alaska Travel Industry Association

“Their cutting-edge solutions have empowered us to extract valuable insights, optimize decision-making processes, and drive unprecedented growth.”

Delta Dental of Iowa

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