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Opportunity Walks. Turn foot traffic into targeted digital campaigns.

Target Mobile Advertising ID’s with MotusMobile

Meet your customers where they’re at

Whether it’s your own locations, competitors, or the places your customers spend their time, there is opportunity walking through the door. B2E gives you insight into who these individuals are and can target their devices with digital campaigns. 

B2E can: 

  • Re-target visitors to your location up to 90 days in the past 

  • Access 300 million active devices 

  • Geo-Conquest targets who have visited a competitor or related business across the US and Canada. 


B2E captures the Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDS) of devices in your target locations to use in digital marketing; better yet, we can enhance those records behind the scenes. This allows us to profile the foot traffic and use segmented audiences for your digital campaigns.

Designers Working

Case Study: William Chris Vineyards

Every fall, winery William Chris Vineyards welcomes 80,000 visitors to its two tasting rooms in rural Texas. The high volume of foot traffic represented a significant opportunity to improve the vineyard’s understanding of their customers, but data was difficult to capture and foot traffic was not tracked. William Chris was interested in obtaining valuable audience insights on their customers, as well as competitive intelligence about the customers of other local vineyards, to develop their annual marketing plan more effectively.

The Strategy 

B2E recommended the use of GeoFraming technology to capture mobile device information (MAIDS) from individuals who visited locations of interest. The tasting room locations of both William Chris and competing vineyards were ‘geoframed’, and foot traffic data was collected for the previous calendar year. Data was resolved to the household level, aggregated and anonymized to protect PII, and enhanced using B2E’s in-house demographic and individual data. 

The Outcome 

B2E was able to capture MAID information for more than 10,000 unique visitors to William Chris and competing vineyards, and provided valuable insight on: 

  • Visitor location of origin and drivetime 

  • Visit counts and distribution 

  • Preferred media channels 

William Chris went from having a limited understanding of their visitors to a breakdown of distinct personas and demographics. Using these insights, they were able to target their best markets and use their marketing resources more effectively. 

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