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Your data has potential, B2E can help unlock it
Trying to read your customers behavior can sometimes feel like reading a different language. Interfacing with complex models and data manipulation hardly feels like a solution, but B2E’s MotusPredictive process can handle it for you. 

MotusPredictive looks deep into the digital data trail, using advanced analytical capabilities to synthesize demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors. 

Let your data work for you

Powerful Data + Personalized Modeling yield valuable insight

Since our inception in 2003, B2E Data has been at the forefront of the marketing industry
Create innovative solutions for our clients  As the industry changes
  • Collect, clean, and organize your data to maximize it’s predictive potential 

  • Utilize our extensive collection of data resources to build powerful foundations for statistical modeling. 

  • Preform extensive exploratory analysis to identify preliminary trends and patterns 

Understand Your Data

Leverage Your Data

  • Explore, model, and predict the relationships that drive your business 

  • Understand customer trends on a deeper level to get ahead of their decisions 

  • Standup powerful, reliable, and low-maintenance models to provide month over month insight 

  • Be prepared to capitalize on new trends in your market 

  • Prepare for high volume periods by identifying and tracking leading factors 

  • Make confident decisions based on data 

Capitalize on Your Data

Create innovative solutions for our clients  As the industry changes, we will continue to adapt and assist our clients to aff


Client Success Stories:

Hear What Our Clients Say

“B2E’s data-driven solutions have boosted our marketing effectiveness and delivered measurable results for our client campaigns."

Strategic America

“B2E has provided innovative solutions to streamline our processes and empower us to make data-driven decisions, giving us a competitive edge in the market.”

Alaska Travel Industry Association

“Their cutting-edge solutions have empowered us to extract valuable insights, optimize decision-making processes, and drive unprecedented growth.”

Delta Dental of Iowa

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