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A midwestern state saw 19 candidates turn to the IP digital ads to drastically boost their digital exposure for their primary elections. A number of these politicians had never engaged in any form of digital advertising before, making this their first run at using digital advertising.
In this state’s primary, 19 different politicians trusted IP driven advertising to target their expected voters with the utmost accuracy. Political marketing spend is exponentially growing with each election. Politicians continually seek the greatest efficiency and effectiveness for their campaign budgets, ensuring that their spending is being used as wisely as possible to remain a front runner in any race.
Using IP targeting technology, these candidates were able to reach their best voters with extreme precision. Using over 30 points of data, they were able to match addresses from provided voter files to their correlating unique IP addresses. By doing this, they were then able to continually deliver the candidate’s ads to voters within their home as they browsed the internet. By targeting at the router level, through IP addresses, digital ads were delivered to all devices connected within the audience’s homes. This made it possible for these candidates to move far ahead of their competitors by targeting their audience segments with accuracy levels unseen anywhere else in the digital marketing industry.




Cumulative results across all 19 states

  • 17 of the 19 races resulted in wins, equating to an 89.4% success rate.

  • 49.6% individual voter turnout among those who were targeted.

  • 37.2% higher rate of turnout of those who were targeted versus those who were not.



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