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5 Ways to Be Successful in Marketing

Like most things, there is no silver bullet to make you an amazing marketer. It takes time, effort, bravery, curiosity and creativity. Organizations starting on their marketing journey would be wise to hire someone to take on this responsibility, even if a partner agency, because it takes thought, knowledge and consistency to be successful in marketing.

Be successful in marketing

Here are a few other things it takes to have a successful marketing program:

1. Get Buy-in

Marketing needs to be viewed as a successful strategy for growing a business. Without this view from leadership, marketing efforts will be under-funded or easily nixed. Part of a good marketing program is consistency. If leadership is constantly questioning the effectiveness of the program and undercutting the budget, there will be little opportunity for consistency. To have a successful marketing program, it takes the buy-in from senior leaders and an understanding of the impact marketing has had on the business. Visual dashboards are a great tool to help tell this story.

2. Test, a lot

Marketing needs to have space to try and fail, or to try and win. The only way to get better is to try new things. The scientific way to know if your new things work, is to test. Success doesn’t come overnight, but testing can lead a marketing program into better results and more recognition. It takes bravery to put yourself out there and try something new. Just remember, consumer preferences change over time and so must the marketing message. Test, learn and repeat.

3. Follow Trends

Our company has grown in services over time and our marketing has changed over time because I like to follow along with the latest trends in marketing. These updates have kept our business relevant and have allowed us to grow. Any successful marketer needs to be aware of the latest trends in the industry. No need to be the first to try them, but once they have been proven successful, don’t be afraid to test them yourself.

4. Use Data

This one is so important. Data has dramatically changed the way brands speak to customers, and it will continue to have a great impact. Not only does using data increase chance for response, but it also adds efficiency to your marketing spend, increasing ROI. If your marketing program is lacking data, please reach out to us to help you start this process. It will increase your marketing performance dramatically.

5. Plan

An effective marketing program is a planned marketing program. Without an overall strategy or plan, marketing will seem disjointed and it will be difficult to measure increased success. Plan for everything, including future testing or concepts you’d like to try, how to incorporate new data into campaigns, and projections for results. A plan will keep the program on track and moving forward.

What’s next? These five ways to be successful in marketing won’t come overnight, but they are all components of a successful marketing program. B2E can help with several of these items, and we’d love to help get your program on track for growth and success. Contact us today!

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