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Data Anchor

​Dirty Data = Poor Results, we have seen a lot of bad data over the years. But all is not lost in such cases, because there is a lot that can be done to update, enhance, and clean a pile of data that has old information. Here at B2E, we have the experience to assist you in creating order where there once was none. Services include address standardization, deduping, deceased matching and National Change of Address.

​B2E has helped many companies dramatically increase the value of their existing customers by appending data from external sources. Whether it is simply to improve contact information, or to understand the driving factors that influence purchase decisions within a household, B2E has data that can help. B2E has access to Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, TomTom GeoSpatial and market data down the Census tract and block group level.

​B2E built its own historical weather database using data from NOAA. The database includes high and low temperature, average wind speed, precipitation, snow fall and snow depth for every day, every US zip code going back 10 years.

​Send the right message at the right time to the right audience. Regardless of what you are trying to sell, there is prospect data available that can help you find more leads. B2E has a lot of experience helping companies find new and better leads, in many different industries. We provide data for direct and digital channels (mail, online display, Facebook, etc.)

Data Knowledge




Analytics Anchor

​A subscription-based program that uses our proven MotusData Process™ to gather, organize, visualize and prioritize your data. We look at a data as a continuous process of learning and improvement. To do this, we produce customized visual Motion Dashboards that are updated monthly.


​Uses pre-developed templates to bring you a quick, turnkey, inexpensive solution. Your data is turned into insights through visual dashboards. Using up to 13 of your data elements, we make that data even more valuable by adding 3rd party information.


Insights Anchor


​You have valuable data from countless sources - customers, sales, online and offline media, email platforms, campaign tracking, third parties, Excel files, market research… it goes on and on. It’s all critical information but it’s easy to see why data analysts get so bogged down in busy work. This service collects, cleans and organizes data to save prep time so you can import into your own business intelligence software (Power BI or Tableau).



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Lifetime Value





​Using analytical science to determine which marketing tactics are contributing to your sales or conversions. Over the years, B2E has done attribution analysis on thousands of campaigns.

​Through Sentiment Analysis, we help you understand the emotional tone of written opinions using artificial intelligence. We do this by analyzing the wealth of information available in social data and other sources for clues about positive and negative sentiments—identifying what your customers really think about your brand.

​Google Analytics collects many data points from your website traffic. With the B2E data connector, your website data can be processed and visualized in a format that makes sense to you. With our process, the data can also be integrated with your other marketing data to identify the effectiveness of your campaigns.

​Using data connectors to many of the social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), B2E can process the raw data and visualize it in a format that makes sense to you. With our process, the data can also be integrated with your other marketing data to identify the effectiveness of your campaigns.

​Using our TomTom Spatial database, we can provide travel distance and travel time from your business location to the consumer’s home. Using radius distance might be “good enough”, however, using drive time and distance provides a different perspective to create a more accurate picture.

Using our vast data resources, B2E can measure the amount of sales or adoption of a product or service compared to the total market for that product or service.

B2E believes that every company has unique needs when it comes to measuring their marketing campaigns. However, we have worked with enough companies to conclude that there are universal themes that impact companies of all sizes. The lack of reliable marketing ROI reporting is one of those recurring themes.

​B2E can help you measure the total net profit your company makes from any given customer after factoring in the value of the relationship over time.

​B2E built its own weather database using data from NOAA. We will review your historical sales data and weather patterns unique to your location to determine the effects of weather on your business. In time, we can also help predict sales based on future weather patterns.

Strategy Anchor




​Working with data can be overwhelming. Gathering, organizing, and understanding is hard enough; but what do you do next? How do you use the data to execute an excellent strategy? B2E is here to walk your team through the planning and execution to maximize your data insights.


Annual Planning

​Is it that time already? Working to plan for next year is one of the most important marketing activities all year. Pricing, budgeting, and planning can be beneficial if done correctly. B2E has the expertise to assist and help you plan for reaching your annual goals.


Go To Market

​Launching a new product or service can be an exciting time for organizations. The Go to Market Strategy will introduce the rest of the world to your new product or service. B2E is here to help with market insights and creative solutions to create premium results.


Marketing Plans & Business Cases

​Have a great idea? Marketing Plans and Business Cases are the professional way to communicate those ideas to others in your organization. Let us help with story and supporting data that will convince your team to move the needle with your idea.

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