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- Digital Targeting Movers

Since B2E is in the marketing space, we are able to provide (or create) audiences for you to immediately target with digital campaigns. These audiences will be ready-to-go prospect files for you to communicate your message with TODAY! Let us know what your ideal customer looks like and we will put together a solution.


Every month 1.8 million people buy, sell or move into a new home nationwide. When people move, people spend. Digital New Movers speeds up that process of marketing to people who are either selling their home, have sold their home or just moved into a new home within 24 hours any of these triggers.

  • Pre-Mover - “I’ve just listed my house” - Homes just listed on the market. Compiled from a multitude of "Homes for Sale" listings - newspaper and online listings and "for sale by owner information" from local newspapers and other public records at a county level.

  • Escrow - “I’ve sold my house and haven’t moved yet” - Records that are under contract to sell and have entered into escrow.

  • New Mover - “I just moved in” - People who have just moved. Compiled from Self-Reported Magazine Subscriber COA's (Changes of Address), Utility hook-ups, Telephone Connects and Deed Data.

Digitally Targeting Movers
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