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Collects.  Cleans.  Organizes.

MotusBase DataTune Up

Did you know data analysts spend nearly 80% of their work day prepping data?* It doesn't take a data analyst to discover that leaves them little time to do what they do best—actually analyze that data. 

Save your data analyst from the time-consuming work of collecting, cleaning and organizing data with DataTuneUp from B2E Data Marketing.

With the gathering and prep work done, your team can focus on reporting and analyzing. It's your business and your data!


You have valuable data from countless sources—customers, sales, online and offline media, email platforms, campaign tracking, third parties, Excel files, market goes on and on. 

It's all critical information, but it's easy to see why data analysts get so bogged down in busy work.

Big data. Little prep time.


  • Collects and combines all of this data into a single source

  • Performs regular data maintenance to keep things running smoothly

  • Organizes the data

  • Stores the data in an easy-to-read format for immediate analysis on your preferred reporting tool

Do what you do best.

B2E has the API connectors, access to third party data and the marketing expertise to get you analyzing your data faster. Contact us to get started using DataTuneUp and:

  • Save time and money

  • Focus on the tasks that drive your business

FORBES - Survey Says,

"Cleaning Big Data: Most Time-Consuming, Least Enjoyable Data Science Task",

March 23, 2016

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