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- Targeting Mobile Advertising IDS

Opportunity Walks. Turn foot traffic into targeted digital campaigns.

Whether it is your own locations, competitors, or places your target customers may go,

there is opportunity walking through the door. B2E will allow you to know who those

individuals are and target their devices with digital campaigns.

  • Re-target visitors to your location up to 90 days in the past

  • Access to 300 million monthly active users

  • 10 million business locations already mapped

  • Covers the United States and Canada

  • Geo-conquest - target those who have visited a competitor

  • Target those who have visited a similar or related business.


B2E captures the Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) of devices in your target locations to use in digital marketing; better yet, we enhance those records behind the scenes. This allows us to profile the foot traffic and use segmented audiences for your digital campaigns.

Motus Mobile.png

Advertising Platforms


Campaign data can be created and uploaded to:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • Twitter

  • Demand-Side Platforms

Want to know more about who is visiting?

  • Profile your locations' visitors

  • Understand demographics, lifestyle segmentation, geography

  • Analyze store foot traffic

  • Compare your visitors to those of your competitors

  • Learn about other businesses your visitors frequent

MotusMobile Data Visual


Contact B2E Data Marketing and see how MotusMobile Campaigns can help you:

  • Reach audiences who are most likely to convert

  • Conquest visitors from your competition

  • Drive results by cross-referencing targets with sales to prove ROI

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