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Our MotusData Process™

When we are asked what we do, the simple answer is "marketing analytics"- but it is so much more than that.  We like to think of data in a continuous process of learning and improvement. We call this our "MotusData Process".



MotusData Process

Step 1: Gathering Data

Step 2: Data Organization

Step 3: Data Knowledge

Step 4: Prioritize the Data

Step 5: Take Action

Step 6: Continuous Improvement



By walking clients through our 6-step process, we can learn about their organization and how we can help.


Some organizations may need assistance with just one step, while others will want help with all six. Every client is unique and we are ready to jump and support.


We have found that every step needs one of 4 areas of support. We focus our efforts in those areas.

B2E Motus Data Infographic
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