MotusIP - Digital Targeting Tradeshows

Captive B2B Locations

Targets digital ads to entire companies, conventions, trade shows, hotels, college campus or other commercial locations.

Example: You want to target a large trade convention at the MGM Grand Convention Center in Las Vegas. As the attendees connect to the convention WiFi, digital ads can be sent to their computer or smart phone as they visit websites between and during sessions (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, Weather, etc.)


Venue Back Home

Allows you to capture people’s device ids (cell phone) at the events they attend, where they work or shop. We can link their device id back to their home IP address to target them with digital ads.

Example: We can pull a database of all device ads that were captured at Wrigley Field in Chicago as fans attended baseball games from April 1 to September 30. You can then target this audience with an offer to purchase Chicago Cubs merchandise at their home computer or smart phone as their visit their day-to-day websites (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)