Your marketing has never been more targeted

Leverage B2E's powerful consumer data to learn more about your customers, drive new business, and deliver intelligent interactions across all channels. 

MotusAudiences™ will allow speed to market for the solutions:

  • Target and segment your customers with rich consumer data

  • Create your perfect audience

  • Cleanse and validate customer data for better direct marketing

  • Expand reach through custom modeling

  • Communicate with your customers on a personal level

  • Identify your most profitable audiences

MotusAudiences™ includes 127 million households and 232 million individuals (with 95% coverage of the U.S. population) contains the follow:

  • Demographics

  • Media channel preferences

  • Preferred conversion channel

  • Messaging styles

  • Mortgage data

  • Property data

  • Political personas

  • Ethnicity and language

  • Life stages

  • Marketing segmentation

  • Green segmentation

  • New movers (13 million)

  • New homeowners (3 million)

  • New parents

  • Investment property

  • Consumer financial insights

  • Retail buyer propensity by product category

  • Online buyer propensity by product category


MotusAudiences™ is sourced from the following:

  • Public records including recorded deed and tax assessor records

  • Census data

  • Publications, subscriptions and published dictionaries

  • Participatory change of address information

  • Aggregated credit information

  • Self-reported consumer surveys

  • Retail transactions

  • Digital data