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See The Big Picture Quickly.

You want to know more about your market and your customers. And, in today's market, you need to move faster than ever. Do you have easy access to the insights you need to make informed decisions?

MotusOnDemand from B2E Data Marketing gives you easy-to-read overviews of consumers so you can get a better understanding of them and take action sooner.

B2E MotusOnDemand - See the big picture quickly

We help you better understand your customer base with data views of:

  • Consumer Behavior Segmentation—lifestyle segmentation model broken into more than 70 profiles.

  • Geography and State—mapping where your current customers are located.

  • Individual/Household/Home—evaluates customers on a deeper level.

  • Market Penetration—understanding how many customers exist within a single market.

  • Management—two dashboards that allow for custom data points to be added for reporting on your specific needs.


MotusOnDemand uses pre-developed templates to bring you a quick, turnkey, inexpensive solution. Your data is turned into insights through visual dashboards. Using up to 13 of your data elements, we make that data even more valuable by adding 3rd party information.

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