Facebook Targeting (Consumers)

Reach consumers on Facebook using a third-party list (targeted customers or prospects).

* We have similar processes that we can use for platforms other than Facebook, like Pandora, AOL, DirectTV, etc.


You’re a window sales company. Your ideal customer is 35 to 55 years old, makes over $100,000 per year and owns a 17-year-old home. You already are sending direct mail, but also want to target the same people with digital ads on Facebook.

  1. B2E works with end client to gather their campaign requirements

  2. B2E creates the targeted third party list. The list can be provided two different ways:

    • Experian’s Audience Engine or Data Select Network

    • Client’s customer file matched to Experian’s ConsumerView ID


  3. B2E signs a digital rights contract with Experian on behalf of the end client

    • Experian list pricing is determined

    • Campaign dates are set

    • The end client’s Facebook ID is given to Experian

  4. The audience created will be the Experian ConsumerView ID hashed with the Facebook ID to create a “Custom Audience”. Facebook considers this Third-Party Data.

  5. The end client accepts Experian’s Business Manager as a data partner in Facebook’s Ads Manager

  6. The Facebook audience file is loaded into the end client’s Business Manager / Account ID as a Custom Audience

    • Takes 5-7 days

  7. The client can build an ad campaign within their Business Manager and select the Custom Audience file

    • When selecting the Custom Audience for targeting that was built by a data partner, the client will need to accept Facebook’s “Rights & Warrants” terms for that audience (the client has the proper digital rights to the audience based on B2E’s contract with Experian and B2E’s contract with the end client)

    • Campaign (media) charges will come from Facebook for the placement of the ads and paid directly by the end client