Case Studies

Innovative and creative strategies are imperative to the success of your marketing campaigns. B2E offers you insights and practical solutions from a wide variety of companies and industries.  Within these case studies you will find ideas and inspiration for everything from data analytics, lead generation, direct and digital marketing and more.

Using one-to-one digital targeting and match-back analysis, we can cut through the noise and deliver a relevant and timely message.
Using our "Big Data for Nonprofits" grant program, we can create a profile of donors that will provide campaign success. With IP Targeting, you can get in front of potential donors online. 
Using IP targeting technology, candidates can reach their best voters with extreme precision and move far ahead of their competitors by targeting their audience segments with accuracy levels unseen anywhere else in the digital marketing industry.
Using Venue Back Home, we can target mobile device IDs of potential students on college campuses within an hour range of a specific University. From there, we can target these households with ads promoting transfers to the university.
Operating on a tight budget and hundreds of appointment slots needing to be filled? We can take a list of your previous customers and target them with display ads to warm them up before your company contacts them directly.
Using our Digital New Movers managed database, we are able to take the addresses of recent movers and append an IP address. We can then deliver digital banners ads straight to their household, ensuring the client was the first pest control company they heard about.
Using IP targeted digital process, we can match the physical address of a customer to an IP address. We can drop direct mail pieces into the home and follow up with digital ads a few weeks later. This dual-channel approach provides a huge lift over just doing direct mail alone.
Using Reverse Append, we are able to find anonymous IP addresses of potential customers and match them to a physical address. The prospects can then be sent a custom-printed First-Class mail piece through a select print partner.
Using IP digital targeting technology and a managed database (Auto In The Market), we can create separate campaigns with detailed messages that corresponds to the vehicle currently owned by a particular target.
Using our capability to do 1 to 1 targeted digital ads, we can compliment existing direct mail campaigns. The campaign creative and messaging can be updated as user profiles are created and we can offer A/B campaign testing.