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B2E Direct Marketing, Inc is now B2E Data Marketing, Inc.

(Des Moines, Iowa – November 29, 2017) –Award-winning data marketing agency, B2E Direct Marketing, Inc. is now B2E Data Marketing, Inc., a new name that better reflects their industry expertise and the importance data plays in our everyday lives.

“Our name change is a reflection of the changing times, and the importance data is playing in the evolution of marketing,” said Keith Snow, President of B2E Data Marketing, Inc. “Our expertise is in the data, and we wanted our name to represent what we do best.”

B2E Data Marketing

In addition to the recognition of B2E Data Marketing’s core competencies, the name change is also reflective of a change in the connotation of the word “direct” within the marketing industry. “Often equated with a singular channel, direct mail, the word ‘direct’ was not a good representation of who we are,” Snow added. “We want to make sure that organizations seeking data marketing assistance understand that we’re able to provide innovative data marketing services that can be used across all marketing channels, not just in mail.”

Data services have become a necessity to compete in today’s marketing environment, however finding an affordable and innovative partner can be a challenge. Marketing and analytics teams find themselves in search of reliable partners, unable to fill the technology gaps internally. A data marketing partner, such as B2E Data Marketing, Inc, can collaborate with these groups by creating time saving visualizations of their data and strengthening their overall marketing strategies with the introduction of advanced segmentation and predictive analytics.

B2E Data Marketing, Inc. was founded in 2003. The company has seen recent success, doubling its client base in the past 18 months. B2E’s success can be attributed to the growing need for data assistance in marketing groups. Located in Des Moines’s East Village, B2E Data Marketing works with several different types of organizations, from marketing agencies and corporate marketing teams to non-profits. B2E Data Marketing assists clients with data organization, data acquisition, analysis, insights and marketing strategy development. Learn more about B2E Data Marketing, Inc. online at

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