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A Project with B2E

Data is to marketing what flour is to a cake; even without the flour, you can still create something cake-like, and it may look tasty, but I guarantee you won’t produce the stellar results you desire because something will still be missing. Integrating data into a marketing campaign adds that something missing, just like adding flour to the cake. Data allows a marketing campaign be focused and targeted, leading to higher returns and greater response. Data makes a difference.

Working with B2E

There are many reasons why a company may overlook the integration of external data into their marketing campaigns. Sometimes this reason is cost, but sometimes it is viewed as a risk. Some companies perceive it to be risky to utilize other sources of data or to provide their own data to an external company. And I agree, it can be risky if done with the wrong vendor. This is why B2E follows strict data compliance rules, we are SOC2 compliant and third party audited, and we only partner with reputable vendors for third party data purchase.

To help put your mind at ease even more, here is what you could expect from a project with our data team at B2E.

First, we would meet with you to learn more about the challenges your team has been facing and what your goals are. This will give us a good idea of what data-driven solutions can help. We’ll make our recommendations and work with your team to develop a customized action plan that will dictate our work with you.

Part of the action plan could include a deeper dive into your existing data, potentially profiling your customers and understanding the target market. This information will be very helpful in determining if third-party data sources could add value and what the market size is.

Or, part of the action plan could include developing a testing plan, so you continue learning with each dollar spent. The use of testing plans can lead us to great discoveries and higher responses – we highly recommend!

From here, we go to work and help execute on marketing plans. We can provide data, help analyze campaign results and help you achieve your goals. Some teams utilize us as an extension of their own teams, while other marketing teams only need our help in some areas. We are here to help out any way we can.

Do you have a marketing project or campaign that could use a boost or some fresh ideas? We have the “flour” to bake that perfect marketing cake. Contact us today at B2E – we’ll show you the impact data can have.

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