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More Than Small Talk: Let’s Discuss the Weather

“Nice weather we’re having,” is a standard phrase of small talk, offered in the coffee shop, at the bank teller’s counter or in an elevator. The weather is always reliable for giving two strangers something to discuss. In recent years, it’s also proven reliable to give marketers something to discuss as well.

Weather Analytics

Weather data can offer marketers a way to customize content in email and digital marketing. Industries that have utilized weather data to target messaging have seen increases to their ROI during key times. As technology has evolved, we are seeing more and more businesses rely on weather information to target digital and social marketing messages. Digital channels are great for this as they can be nimble and allow messages to change as frequently as, you know… the weather.

Here are some examples of how weather data can be used for marketing.

The Furnace Company. If your business experiences seasonality to your service, having weather information could help you beat the rush for those services. An example of this is a furnace company. When the weather turns cold and homeowners begin to turn on their furnaces, a furnace company may receive an influx of service calls. But a furnace company with access to weather data can see the upcoming drop in temperature and forewarn their customers it is time to get their furnaces serviced before the cold front comes through. This can prove to be a valuable loyalty building notification or an opportunity for drumming up furnace sales. After all, nobody wants to be caught in the cold.

The Travel Agent. Who doesn’t want to escape the cold and rain for a place that is sunny and warm? As soon as the weather forecast shows less-than-ideal weather coming our way, the travel agent can begin marketing pictures of sand and sun to those in search of a getaway. They may even consider spending more digital marketing dollars when a snowstorm or blizzard is in the forecast – these would be times travelers will not only be dreaming of a warmer place, but also more likely to be at home on their devices searching for one to visit.

The Clothing Store. Winter jackets or swimsuits? Living in Iowa, one thing we know is the weather can quickly take a turn for the worse. One day it is summer and the next it feels like winter. As the temperatures quickly dip and rise, a clothing store that can understand the upcoming weather may be more likely to draw in customers. When the temperatures start changing, the store that can point us in the right clothing direction is likely to win our business.

How does weather impact your business? If you’re not sure, we’d love to do a weather analysis to see if trends exist between the weather and sales revenue. Contact us today at B2E for a weather review.

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