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4 Tips for Keeping Your Email Program Healthy

Deliverability is a fundamental issue when it comes to effective email marketing campaigns. If contacts are not receiving your emails, how can they be effective?

Keep your email program healthy

Marketing teams must have strict email regimens in place, along with planned and coordinated list maintenance schedules to ensure the email calendar is as impactful as possible. These processes must be consistently followed so ISPs receiving your emails will find them valid and pass them through to the recipients’ inboxes.

Marketing teams just entering the email marketing game must be prepared for an authentication and ease-in period where emails may not be delivered consistently. The best tip we can offer for those just getting started? Build strong list maintenance processes and maintain a consistent calendar of sending to prove reliability to ISPs.

Here are a few other items to consider when it comes to the health of your email marketing program:

  1. Engagement matters. If your marketing plan is to send “spray and pray” emails to a list of strangers, your deliverability and email sender reputation will pay the price. Recipient engagement with email is extremely important, so be sure you’re only sending to those familiar with your brand and who have potential to engage with email content.

  2. Email best practices. Stay up-to-date on email best practices, such as utilizing personalization and tailoring messages to certain groups, geographies or prior engagement/action. These things matter and will help with #1 – recipient engagement.

  3. Keep your list clean. If recipients in your list are not engaging with your content, try to re-engage them with different messaging or special offers. If that doesn’t immediately work, remove them from your list. Continuing to send emails to unengaged recipients hurts your reputation with ISPs, so ensure your team has scheduled maintenance times and stay on top of the unengaged issue.

  4. Don’t email every day. Every brand wants to be at the top of the inbox, but it’s easy to over-do it. Emailing too frequently increases the risk of being flagged as spam, either by the ISP or by your recipients. In order to build your credibility with both, email only when necessary and maintain a tolerable cadence.

Just like other areas of digital marketing, the rules for email deliverability are constantly evolving. Be sure to keep up with best practices to ensure your email marketing is landing where it should. If you have questions about email deliverability or list maintenance, reach out to our team at B2E, we’d love to chat.

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