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Using IP Addresses to Target Your Message

For many years, companies would balk at spending thousands of dollars for online ads. Why? Because they weren’t always viewed as an efficient use of marketing budget due to attribution challenges. We really didn’t know who was viewing the ads or how they influenced purchaser decisions. There were probably conversions happening, triggered by the online marketing, but the ads weren’t getting the credit.

Luckily, like most other things within marketing, online advertising too has evolved over time. First, there was geo-targeting, or targeting ads to populations based on where they lived/worked. This option was able to reduce some of the wasteful spend, but messaging customization was still very limited – the only information point was location.

Today, there is the option to target online messages at the IP address-level, directing messages toward specific addresses/businesses/people. With IP targeting, advertising messages can be much more efficiently placed in front of the right audiences with less online marketing waste and much better ROI tracking.

For IP address targeting, we match a physical address to an IP address. So, if you know where your best customers live, we could ensure that only your best customers (or someone using their computer) would see your current promotion. Have a list of lost leads? Try re-targeting campaigns online directly to them. I think you can see, there are many opportunities to take advantage of here…

As far as attribution, that has now become much simpler, because we know exactly who you’ve targeted. If you see a target’s name or address come up on a conversion report, you know they may have been impacted by your IP-targeted ad.

IP-targeted ads also further your personalization capabilities online, because they are more carefully matched to specific people (via their address). If, for instance, you’re testing offers in a multi-channel campaign, you would be able to extend that test to the online channel and learn even more. Marketing should be as personal as possible, and IP targeting makes that an option for the online channel.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your dollar and make a multi-channel campaign, adding IP targeting is a quick way to benefit. Unlike the web ads of old, you can ensure your messages will resonate with the right people at the right time, while your campaign is in-market and tracking.

Did you know B2E can help you execute an IP-targeted campaign? Our MotusIP program can assist with mapping IP addresses to physical addresses. Let us see if we can assist you in growing your online marketing capabilities and ROI. Contact us today!



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