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All Good Things Take Time

We recently acquired an Instant Pot in our household. Have you heard of these things? They are billed to reduce your overall cooking time and make fabulous and healthy meals that your family will love. Amazon said Instant Pot was the best-selling kitchen item worldwide over the 2017 holiday season. Clearly people were excited for the promises of the Instant Pot and wonderful food.

Have you ever approached something, being it cooking or work, hoping for a magic bullet? Something you can digest and poof, the work is done! Surprisingly, this is not an uncommon thought when people think about data hygiene. Wouldn’t it be great to just ship your data mess off to an awesome company (like B2E) and have it come back all nice and tidy for you to use?

I wish I could tell you that cleaning your data was just like cooking a delicious dish in your Instant Pot. But there is really a lot of work that has to be done. Not only to clean the data, but to ensure that future use of your data can be effective and efficient. Because we all want easy.

To do a really good job cleaning your data, we should start with a plan. We should discuss your goals for using the data, along with storage and maintenance thoughts. Not only do you want to plan for future use of your data, but we also want to plan for how to get the job done.

Although we plan, even the best-intentioned plans may fall flat. For instance, we may find anomalies in your data that you can’t explain and we need to alter our plan. Also, things happen in organizations that can impact your ability to keep your data clean. You could have employee turnover or just have too many hands in the data pot. When this happens, we may have to start all over again. But, once you have mastered your data organization plan, you’ll be able to pull quality campaign data and metrics efficiently - well worth the time investment on the front-end to go through the process and clean the mess correctly.

If you’d like to discuss data hygiene or recommendations for data cleansing, B2E experts are here to help. Contact us today!

And this brings me back to the Instant Pot… It is awesome. There’s a reason people buy them and use them every day. It takes a while to learn and get the hang of timing and cooking, but when it’s good, it’s GREAT!


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