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UFO Analytics, Yes! 7 things you can learn about UFO sightings...and more!!!!

Here at B2E we have many interesting data conversations. Recently we found ourselves discussing a data topic a little outside our norm. Keith had brought up the topic of UFOs and some data that he had run across on the site Well that was just the start, we could not help but to dive in and take a look.

Flying Saucer at Rosewell

Since July 8th is the Anniversary of a Flying Saucer being captured in Rosewell, NM in 1947, we thought we would share a special blog with you. For Example, did you know the following?

  1. There has been over 96,000 UFO sightings since 1940.

  2. Almost a third of those took place in the Summer.

  3. If you live in California, you may have seen a UFO more than if you were in New Mexico.

  4. Apparently, 10:00 pm is a popular time to look for a UFO.

  5. A "light" is the most popular UFO, while the least is a "cone".

  6. There has been 283 sightings of UFOs on my birthday.

  7. Even if Washington is only ranked 10th in Alcohol Expenditures, they are 1st in UFO Sighting per Capita.

Keith worked late to pull in several different attributes into a MotusBase Dashboard. He has included the following:

  • Number of Sighting

  • Region of Country

  • Day/Month/Year

  • Time of Day

  • City

  • County

  • State

  • UFO Shape

  • Alcohol Expenditures (AE)....we were curious

U.S. Historical UFO Sightings

The best part is that he has put this dashboard out on Tableau Public for everyone to explore. Take a look and give a minute to load (it has a lot of data behind the scenes). See how many sightings were in your hometown or how many sightings were on your birthday. And yes, you can see how much Alcohol Per Capita dollars are spent in your state too. Enjoy and share the love...

I will be out around 10:00 pm with a beer in hand this weekend to see if I can boost the numbers for Iowa. We were only ranked 16th (AE) and 26th (UFO). If you would like to see your data organized this well, contact us to start a project.

Cheers and enjoy,

Matt (and Keith)

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