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Try Something New: MotusMobile™ Campaigns from B2E

At B2E, we’re not ok with the status quo – are you? We didn’t think so. That’s why we’re launching a new Motus program that will open up a whole new channel of opportunity for marketers like you. Meet MotusMobile™, a new way to reach audiences digitally based on foot traffic.


How it works

Mobile devices are programmed with a special id called the Mobile Advertising ID (MAID). This ID enables marketers to anonymously target mobile devices. Similar to how cookies track activity when browsing the internet, the MAID tracks activity on a mobile device. The key difference between cookies and the MAID, however, is that cookies are set by the websites themselves, whereas the MAID is controlled by the OS and information is shared across applications.

Using the MAID, we can help marketers digitally re-target visitors to their location, or visitors to the competition’s location. With access to 300 million active users and 10 million business locations, we have access to game changing data that will add a new level to your marketing strategy.

The value of B2E

If you want to know more about your mobile visitors, B2E can create a MotusOnDemand analytics program just for you. We can help you profile your locations’ visitors, understand demographics, lifestyle segmentation or geography, analyze traffic, compare your visitors to those of your competitors and learn about other businesses your visitors frequent. Knowing this additional information about your visitors can be valuable in helping to target message and build new products and services.

Let’s start the new year off right by trying something new! Reach out to us at B2E to get started today.

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