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B2E’s Greatest Hits from 2019

We had a great year at B2E, and have loved every minute of meeting new clients and hearing from existing clients, sharing news of their terrific successes. That’s what we’re all about at B2E. We’re here to consult with marketing teams and make recommendations for integrating data and changing the way things are done…changing results for the better. Helping you market smarter, not harder. If you’re curious about what we do, check out our newest whitepaper 7 Steps to Data Driven Marketing available for free download now.

Greatest Hits from 2019

As I reflect back on the past year, there were a few highlights from our blog I wanted to revisit. I’m a fan of end of year countdowns, and I hope you are too! Here are the top 5 greatest hits from the B2E marketing blog in 2019.

Living in Iowa, the lead up to the Caucuses seems to last all year long. In this blog, we offered four terrific tips for our political friends to hit more of their targets and help save the sanity of our fellow Iowans.

No matter how you choose to engage with tradeshow attendees, the best way to ensure visitors to your booth is to do some planning and pre-show marketing. Or, maybe you decide to skip the show altogether… Either way, an IP-based digital marketing strategy can help target prime audience members with you marketing messages before, during or after a tradeshow.

Email is still a very relevant and effective form of marketing, but it is more important than ever that list management is on-point to ensure deliverability. In this blog we shared four important tips for keeping an email program healthy – some very important information if you rely on email marketing to drive sales.

If you want to talk about the changing tactics of marketing, you can’t leave out the leap that video marketing has taken in the past year. Not only is video considered to be the gold standard for social media marketing, it is also one of the best ways to introduce products and services on a website, in email and on blogs.

Data security has been the most noteworthy conversation of this year, and probably the most impactful to the future of data in marketing. B2E cares about data security. This year we became SOC 2 compliant and we’re ready to work with clients on GDPR and CCPA. Data security concerns are not going away, and it’s important to ask any vendor what their standards are and to ensure they align with your own company standards.

B2E is looking forward to the new year and another year of helping clients achieve new success in marketing! Cheers!

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