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3 Data-Smart Marketing Strategies

As a data marketing agency, we’re best known for our data skills. We love data! But many times in client conversations, we are asked how to use the data for marketing purposes. With all our years of experience in data marketing, we can also help you build a successful marketing strategy that makes sense for your business.

Before laying out a marketing strategy, there are some key pieces of information to review.

  • What are the customer segments?

  • How did past marketing campaigns perform?

  • Which channels are available to market?

After we gain some base insights, we can recommend some marketing strategies to try. Here are 3 examples of strategies that could be implemented using data.

  1. Social Media Prospecting Campaign. Social media platforms are great tools to extend the reach of your marketing messages to new audiences. If you possess a profile of your most profitable customers, building a lookalike audience to market to is a snap. Social media platforms offer types of campaigns to help you find prospective clients with the same attributes as your current clients, making them more likely to be interested in your products/services.

  2. Loyalty Building Campaign. If the data says that customer retention is a growing concern for your business, you may want to implement a loyalty building campaign. These types of campaigns reinforce your company’s value at key points in the customer relationship. Using past data, we can help determine where those points may be and build a testing strategy for moving forward with the implementation of this type of campaign.

  3. Hyper Digital Campaign. We can take your upcoming mail or email campaign to the next level – the hyper digital level – by appending IP address information to your data. We can easily transform what was once a one-channel campaign into an omnichannel campaign, with a broader reach and higher potential for conversion.

These three examples are marketing strategies that have been tested and proved to be successful. You could do these campaigns without data, but we know that data makes them perform with much better results.

The next time you’re wondering what marketing strategies to implement based on marketing data, give us a shout at B2E. We’d love to brainstorm some data-smart marketing strategies with you.

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