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3 Arguments for Testing

Are you looking for a way to improve your marketing campaigns, spend your marketing budget dollars more efficiently and increase response and revenue? You can accomplish all of these things by implementing test and learn strategies into your marketing calendar.

An Argument for Testing

Testing is the scientific way of measuring one way versus another. In marketing, various aspects of the campaign could be tested, including list, messaging or creative delivery. Some marketing organizations choose not to test because they view it as an increase in cost to develop multiple messages or creative options; however, there are many arguments in favor of implementing testing strategies. Here are my three arguments for why marketing teams should implement testing in their marketing campaigns.

  1. Always be improving. Why settle for “ok” results when better could be possible? Testing allows the opportunity for better. I’ve been in the marketing industry for years and I’ve worked with teams that continue “status quo” until status quo begins to negatively decline. Don’t be ok with the status quo. Society is continually changing, generations think differently and technology is advancing each day. The marketing campaigns of yesterday are not going to work for the consumers of tomorrow. Don’t settle for status quo when the next big thing is out there, yet to be discovered. Marketing teams can break the response barriers by testing and learning from each marketing effort.

  2. More efficient use of marketing dollars. If you have a great campaign idea, of course you want to try it. But, marketing doesn’t always work when you make decisions based on gut instinct. Save yourself some marketing spend and test your new idea with a small segment of your audience first. If the test is successful, then determine to make the investment in a full blown campaign. Testing ensures your marketing budget is being efficiently used to gain the most revenue from marketing efforts. This way, if your idea is not as successful as you hoped, the whole budget wasn’t spent in learning a tough lesson.

  3. Increase marketing revenue more quickly. Segmentation marketing allows you to customize the message to each segment within your target audience. To increase marketing revenue quickly, test messages within each segment of the audience. Messaging that works for Group A, may not be as successful with Group B. Each test becomes an opportunity to increase revenue and grow response. By testing multiple options, you can discover increased opportunity more quickly and switch over to more effective messages faster.

Continue to get better, spend your marketing dollars wisely and increase revenue more quickly through testing. It may sound simple enough, however, testing is a scientific process and must be done correctly with controls in place in order to produce the results you desire. If you would like assistance in designing a test and learn strategy, the experts at B2E would love to help.

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