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If You Care What People Think…

I recently went to a fast food restaurant and had a horrible experience. I mean, fast food restaurants are supposed to be fast, right? Well, after waiting 20 minutes for my food, I did what most frustrated customers today do…I took to social media and expressed my annoyance.

Social listening

It didn’t take long for my social connections to follow my lead and chime in with their own negative experiences at the same restaurant, and eventually at other restaurants too. All I could think was, I hope they were listening.

If they had access to a sentiment analysis tool, like the one we’re now offering at B2E, they would have been listening - social listening. They wouldn’t necessarily had to have read everyone’s comments about them to know that they were building a negative sentiment among social media users. The tool would show them they were trending negatively. And hopefully, with such information at the ready, they would be able to react and do something to resolve the problem quickly.

In today’s marketing world, reliant on social media platforms, recommendations and reviews, knowing and understanding what others are saying about your brand is important. If a negative trend is brewing, it must be stopped before real long-term damage is done to your brand’s reputation. Social media listening and sentiment analysis are tools available to help brands monitor what people are saying about them online.

The new Sentiment Analysis available from B2E provides clients the ability to “hear” what people are saying about their brands, and also what they are saying about the competition. Is there a higher sentiment for other brands than yours? If so, why are people so happy with them? Our tool can help you assess your brand’s reputation, and also feelings about customer service and products. We can help you gather what people are saying and analyze trends to gain a full picture of customer sentiment.

Speed to change is, in my opinion, one of the best benefits gained from using a tool like Sentiment Analysis. For instance, if you launch a new marketing campaign and you’re curious what people thought of it, we’ll be able to tell you initial reactions to it through social listening. If it seems like a flop, pull it before it does any damage to your brand reputation. If it seems successful, increase your ad buys to gain more visibility.

The tools to take your marketing program next level are at B2E, so let us help you. Customer sentiment is high! Contact us today!

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