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Gain Efficiency in Prospecting with Reverse Append MotusIP Campaigns

It’s a very exciting time here at B2E. We just launched a new service called Reverse Append, part of our MotusIP™ Campaign, that is going to help our clients change the way they prospect. What a great thing to give you a little time back in your day…save time and effort researching potential leads and, ugh, nay I say, cold calling. Let me tell you more.

Reverse IP Marketing

Take advantage of your website.

As most companies do, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money developing your website in recent years. Hopefully it’s responsive, ADA-compliant, has a number of CTA’s and does a good job at explaining what it is your company does. I’m sure it’s a good site. And because it’s such a great site, you’ve probably also invested in promoting it and driving traffic to it. But, what do you know about the people who are visiting your site? And what are you doing with this information?

You may not realize it, but your website is a goldmine for qualified leads, and not just the 2-3% who fill out a form or download something. Each visitor is at your URL for a reason. Perhaps you came up in a search they performed, or someone referred them to you, or they saw you at a tradeshow. No matter the reason they are there, the vast majority of them were looking at something you offer and doing some research. These are good leads…if you can figure out who they are.

This is where we step it. With our new service, we can take your website visitors’ IP addresses and match them to home addresses. (It’s completely legal and public information!) From there, we can append additional information to each record, such as age or income, so you can create segmented offers and get a better picture of who is visiting your site.

After that, we recommend sending a direct mail campaign with a targeted offer or you can also target their IP with digital online marketing campaigns. We can help with that too!

Other Valuable Insights

Beyond an effective lead generation campaign, reverse appending data to your website visitors can also assist you in understanding who is in the market for your products and services. This information can assist you in determining if the information on your website is resonating or if you are missing information for a potentially viable market segment. We can help you with this too.

Want to learn more about Reverse Append MotusIP Campaigns from B2E? Give us a shout at

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