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3 Ways to Make Big Gains with Video

Video is a popular marketing tactic that has seen its star rise over the past few years. According to Forbes, 82% of Twitter users watch video content; more than 500 million hours are watched daily on YouTube; and almost 50% of internet users look for a product or service video before visiting a store in-person. People like to watch videos to get their content.

Make Big Gains with Video

While video has proven to be a great way to gain attention, it can also be a meaningful tool for relationship building with an audience. Brand videos featuring people, for example, have been shown to gain trust more quickly than other forms of communication, such as emails. When you combine humanization with personalization within a video, what was once just a commercial is now a memorable human experience.

If you’re considering using personalized video to enhance your marketing program in 2019, here are a few ways to use it for big gains in your campaign results:

1. Closing the sale

If your sales team has been in communication with a prospect and you’re in need of a marketing piece to set your business apart from the crowd, consider personalized video. Not only can your video be used to recap conversations you’ve already had, but you can also put a face to your brand – which will build trust more quickly. According to Forbes, 90% of Hubspot users say that product videos are helpful in the decision making process. Go be helpful to your prospects, send them a video.

2. Introductions

We all know sales calls get ignored. No one wants to talk on the phone anymore… but one way to ensure your message is heard is to send a personalized video introduction to a prospective new client. According to Digital Information World, 75% of business executives watch work-related video content weekly. That’s a lot of business executives who could be watching your personalized video messages – take advantage of this enticing medium to introduce yourself.

3. Customer Service

Customer service-related personalized video may not be sales-related, but is still extremely important to building brand loyalty and customer retention. Following a customer service experience, some companies are now sending personalized recap videos to customers. These interactions have been highly received, and work to build trust and loyalty among the valuable group of current customers.

If you’re considering utilizing personalized video content in your 2019 marketing campaigns, we’d love to discuss this with you. B2E can support IP targeted video campaigns and delivering 1-to-1 messages across platforms.

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