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The Philanthropic Data Scientists

Last month I received quite an honor, accepting an award from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. This wasn’t an award I received for anything obvious – my data brilliance, my good looks or my hilarious jokes. This was an award for being a generous person, a volunteer of my time and talents to a worthy cause. I am so honored to have been recognized for my work outside of work, the role I play on the board of an organization called Healthy Birth Day.

Philanthropy and volunteerism are two things I value, and as the President of B2E Data Marketing, Inc., I’ve made it my mission to incorporate these things into our everyday business. I want B2E to be more than a data marketing services organization, I want it to be a company that has a heart.

In 2016, B2E launched Big Data for Non-Profits as a way for us to give back to our local agencies and organizations who work hard, fighting the fights and going the distance to make a lasting difference. Through my involvement on various non-profit boards at that time, it was clear to me that data was among the most important assets these organizations had…but they weren’t using it and they didn’t know how to maintain it well.

With our Big Data for Non-Profits program, B2E data scientists provide free data analytics, database marketing and visual business intelligence services to one non-profit each month. By investing in them, we are investing in our communities. We can help these non-profits to market smarter, raise greater awareness and be able to fulfill more toward their missions of good.

As I look back on all of the non-profits we have been able to help, I am in awe. From youth-focused organizations to wellness, arts and humanitarian organizations, we have helped so many, and played a role in advancing the missions of these outstanding groups. I feel good about it, and my team feels good about the work we have been able to do too. This is one of the things I think makes B2E a little different than your average data marketing group…

I look forward to seeing how many more non-profits and communities we can help in the future. It may not seem obvious, but even data scientists can have heart.

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