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In the early days of social media advertising, marketers struggled with attributing sales to their social media advertising. Because of this, some marketers had difficulty getting social media advertising budgets approved and/or proving the success of these campaigns. But social media bigs, like Facebook, have helped tremendously by offering some helpful tracking tools, such as the Facebook pixel.

Pixel This

The pixel is a piece of code that can be added to your website and helps measure activity and build audiences for future Facebook campaigns. You can determine what the pixel is tracking, such as add to cart items or registration. When someone visits your website or takes one of these predetermined actions, the pixel helps you track their activity so you can attribute it later to a campaign.

The pixel allows you to track people across devices and into Facebook. As an example, if Sarah visits your website and adds some shoes to her cart but doesn’t complete the transaction, she could later be served an ad with those shoes on Facebook. This is pretty common re-targeting used by Amazon and other retail websites.

What I think to be one of the coolest things about the pixel, is that it allows you to build custom audiences for displaying ads on Facebook. If someone has visited your website and then visits Facebook, the pixel will identify them and serve them your ad. Targeted ads have proven to be the best use of marketing dollars, especially on social media.

Look-a-like audiences can also be defined and built within Facebook using the pixel data of who is visiting your website. This allows you to find more people to market to, who look similarly to those who were already interested in your products and services.

The pixel can also help you learn more about your web traffic. Who is visiting your website and what pages they are viewing? The Facebook pixel dashboard can show you this information, which is helpful in crafting future journeys and advertising.

Interested in learning more about Facebook pixel and building targeted Facebook campaigns? Contact us at B2E today to learn more about our available services.

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