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If it’s stale, open a new bag

The other night I was fishing in my cupboard for a late night snack. Chips…perfect. But after the first bite I knew this choice was a massive failure – ugh. Stale. I was so disappointed, until I remembered I had a new bag of chips hiding in the back – score!

I started thinking of a client of mine who recently came to B2E because their marketing was no longer getting great results. Just like the bag of stale chips, on the surface, nothing appeared to be wrong. I mean, the campaigns looked on-point to me - nothing really stood out as being “wrong” or out-of-touch. One campaign was down-right clever. There was just nothing to see there.

Then we started discussing the lists they were using and how they were segmenting their data. It wasn’t that they were inexperienced or misusing their data – in fact, the segmentation strategies they were using were strategies I would have recommended myself. The fact of the matter was, that the strategies they were using had gone stale – they’d been used too long without updating for current trends and data sets.

It’s amazing how much results can change just by throwing in some new data segmentation points. Sure, your business may collect your own proprietary data, but have you ever tried to supplement that data with a data overlay? Append third party data? There could be a whole new data series out there waiting to shine and kick your data into overdrive.

Think about how powerful your segmentation can be when you know ten times the amount of information about your targets…their media preferences, their financial status, their digital behavior. These are the modern-day golden tickets to effective target segmentation and will breathe new life into your marketing programs.

The next time you’re taking a look at your market strategies, think about how differently it could look if you just decided to open up to new data. I can tell you from my experience, it’s almost as good as opening a new bag of chips.

We’d love to take a look at your strategies and make recommendations for freshening up your data sets. Contact the experts at B2E today!



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