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A Gold Star for Sharing

The best way to measure effectiveness of your content marketing plan is to review how others are interacting with your content. Social sharing can be considered the gold standard for measuring response and effectiveness of your content. If others are sharing your content they are making a statement that they liked it and found it of value. The bonus for you is that shares help increase audience size, as the network of the sharer is now also seeing your content when they may not have been before.

Getting your content to the level of sharing can be a challenge. Of course, as always, you need to have a plan in place for how to best present your content. In addition to that, here are four other tips for moving your content into the land of sharing.

  1. Quality versus quantity. It is highly recommended you have an ongoing content calendar. And you should try to stick to a consistent cadence of content, but make sure your content is worth sharing. Don’t just put content out on the web for the sake of saying “we post two blogs per week”. Make sure the content is going to be useful and impactful. Make sure it’s well written. If someone is going to subscribe to your blog and read it ongoing, the content needs to be worth reading each time or they’ll stop reading it altogether. Your followers are on the line – make sure they’re getting value.

  2. Make your content unique. If everyone is writing about the same thing, don’t join in unless you have a unique point-of-view to offer. I don’t know anyone who wants to read twenty articles about predictive modeling, but maybe if my predictive modeling article had new information to share it could rise to the top. Don’t be lost in a sea of similarity. In addition to a unique viewpoint, your voice should also stand out. Make sure your content has personality that is inviting and others will be able to connect with it.

  3. Placement. Choose social sites where knowledge sharing is acceptable for your type of business. LinkedIn and Twitter are possible suggestions if you’re a B2B org, but again, choose this based on your business and where you will find your audience. If you are a consumer-facing business, Facebook may be a good choice.

  4. Better your chances. How many social shares you receive also depends on how many people are seeing your content in the first place. If you’re just getting started on a social network, you may not have many followers. To expand your audience, get some great content and promote it with social advertising or boosts. It will cost a little money, but if your content is good, it will pay off quickly and increase your followers. Make sure to use the targeting tools available by the social networks to get your message in front of the right people.

Just like your kindergarten teacher used to say…sharing is caring. And if people are sharing your content, they are showing you they care about your work and your thoughts. They are also providing you the benefits of an increased audience size and potential new leads. Need help with marketing strategies targeting social networks? B2E can help! Check out our omnichannel marketing products at



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