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It’s go time, 2018!

As I reflect on my personal goals from 2017, I’m left feeling that the year went by much too quickly. Back in January, this was going to be my best year yet – I was going to start eating better, meet 50 new business contacts and finally, take some time for myself to sit down and finish watching my Netflix queue. I know, I had some really big goals! But as I sit and reflect, I realize that all of these things I started full speed in January had fizzled out by spring. Does that ever happen to you?

I’ve heard from business acquaintances that cleaning their data and instituting a BI program into their organization is an annual goal. An annual goal – like it’s on their list every year, but for some reason…it just never takes off.

Let’s make 2018 the year of getting these goals accomplished! Here are 3 ways to ensure success of your data goals this year.

1. Get the right people on board

The fact of the matter is, that BI and data programs require unique skill sets to get up and running. IT-only solutions may not be the answer, depending on the BI tools you hope to enable. You might have to hire someone … or contract with a great data partner – hey, I know one of those!

But don’t be fooled into thinking this goal can be achieved just by hiring a new body into your organization. Without support from management and other data users, this person will fail. Give them the resources and support needed to be successful – after all, they are playing a very important role in building the foundation for your organization’s data future.

2. Changing mindsets and actions

They say that you have to do something every day for at least 2 months before it becomes habit. Changing your daily routine can be difficult, and it will take time. Reliance on spreadsheets for information may be tricky to give up at first, but once you become familiarized with your new BI tools and using them to make quick decisions, you’ll become hooked. It’s important that patience is enforced during the learning time-frame, and data users don’t fall back to old ways. Support your people and make sure to supply adequate training and quick response to questions.

3. Remember why

Yes, there is a monetary cost to understanding your data, and it can be a pricey project. But there are also many benefits. Think of why this goal is on your list every year – it’s because there are major advantages to having ready access to your data. Advantages that, over time, may far outweigh the costs. Always remember why you’re advocating for this change and don’t shy away from reminding others as well. Big projects need big advocates.

As we toast the new year, and think ahead to how we’re going to make 2018 great, I challenge you to not find yourself unfulfilled come next December. Don’t put your goals off, instead, jump right into action on your 2018 goals and initiatives! We’ll be here ready to support your data goals any way we can.

It’s go time, 2018!


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