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Our Data Insights Gift to You

The holiday season is upon us, and as such so is the busiest time of year for retailers and customers. Holiday business can be impacted by shorter attention spans, employee time-off, and an overwhelming number of limited-time offers to compete against. It’s also the end of the year, a time when businesses are making final budget decisions for the coming year and scheduling upcoming campaigns and purchases. We get it, you’re busy!

Data Gift

Considering as much, we have the perfect holiday gift for you. As you may know, our B2E blog was a new addition in 2017 and as such, you may not have had an opportunity to read all of the inspiration and intelligence we shared. So, as a special gift to you, we’d like to re-visit some of the best marketing tips offered this year from our blog. I mean, these were epic tips – so keep them handy for 2018 - don’t lose them in the clutter of your holiday candy wrappers and year-end desk debris!

The importance of a quality mailing list

A mailing list can contribute 40% to the success of your marketing campaign. Make sure it’s a good list. Here are some questions to keep handy the next time you’re in the market for a list:

  • How often is this list updated and/or cleaned?

  • Where does this data come from? How was it collected?

  • How frequently do people on this list make purchases and how much do they spend?

  • Have earlier customers rented or purchased this list after initial test mailings?

  • How frequently has this list been rented by other companies

  • What is the list company’s policy on returns?

Change your game with a database

Marketing databases are game changers. They have so many benefits that can help you create more meaningful and successful marketing campaigns. Here are a few benefits to consider if contemplating a marketing database:

  • Meet your audience demographically, socioeconomically and behaviorally

  • Customize your channel selections and messaging to better suit your audience

  • Build brand loyalty with ongoing and consistent communication

  • Increase your ROI on marketing campaigns by targeting audiences better

  • Automate

  • Supplement your database with 3rd party data and make even smarter marketing choices

Learn more about the value of a database: Benefits of a Marketing Database

Don’t let go of those customers!

It’s so costly to acquire new customers, so hanging on to the ones you have is so important! Be sure you’re treating them right. Here are some tips for pleasing your most faithful:

  • Survey them, make sure you’re all still in alignment with needs and wants

  • Build a loyalty program

  • Customize your communications to ensure you’re saying what they want to hear

  • Run win-back campaigns to re-engage recent inactives

Online and offline work together

While they may be separate channels, online and offline performance most certainly impact each other. Here were four tips we offered for integrating these channels to deliver a seamless customer experience:

  • Plan it all out – make sure your channels are interfering, but rather complimenting

  • Be consistent in messaging across channels

  • Integrate the online and offline by including URLs, hashtags, Twitter handles, etc. on offline marketing and for the reverse “Find a store” locators on your website

  • Test and track to find the best mix of offline and online

Learn more about how to omnichannel marketing with these two blogs:

Hopefully these quick re-caps were as enlightening the second time around. We wish all of our clients and future clients a happy and safe holiday season! The team will be here ready to support those campaign goals in 2018 and beyond.


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