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So, you think you can Omni-Channel?

A debate has been ongoing across the marketing industry about the term “Omni-Channel” and whether or not marketers are actually doing it. Because you know, Omni-Channel is more than just being multi-channel. It’s about creating a seamless marketing experience across available channels and most importantly, putting the customer in the center of those experiences. To execute this, your marketing should be consistent across those channels and deliver the personalized experiences customers desire.

Developing an omnichannel strategy that makes best use of your marketing budget is the goal. It’s probably no surprise that data is the key to achieving that goal. By accessing visualizations of the data and enhancing existing customer information with 3rd party data, marketers can create meaningful segmentations of their audiences. These segments can be used to create different customer journeys, keeping the needs of each segment at the forefront. These unique customer journeys allow you to deliver those personalized experiences the customers are waiting for. Just because you’re making offers across all channels when you’re omnichannel, doesn’t mean you should fall back on “batch and blast” strategies of the past. That’s not making good use of those budget dollars!

Omni-Channel is where marketers know they should be, however, it may seem intimidating to strive for perfection. Did you know that B2E has a program to assist marketers with being awesome at Omni-Channel? Our new MotusBase™ program does just that. We put the data in and out come visualizations that can be used to recognize key segments. These segments or audiences can be delivered to the appropriate channels and drive strategy and execution of an Omni-Channel campaign. The program helps keep your data organized, standardized and updated.

MotusBase™ can also assist with channel selection for your segments. If you’re struggling to determine who needs a Facebook message versus a web banner, the channel selection component can help create the perfect customer journeys for each segment. And not only does it help determine which channels are best, it can also serve up the segmented files to each channel directly, a valuable time savings for a busy marketer.

So, do you think you can omnichannel? B2E is betting you can, especially with the help of our MotusBase™ program. Go here to learn more.


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