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Data Marketing Agency Launches New Weather Database and Weather-Triggered Analytics Program

(Des Moines, Iowa – August 18, 2017) – To expand their robust marketing analytics service offerings, local data marketing agency, B2E Data Marketing, has launched a new data service called WeatherFootprint, offering weather-triggered analytics to marketing and sales clients.

With WeatherFootprint, marketing and sales professionals can mix weather data with sales data to identify powerful insights into consumer behavior and trends. Data can assist in correlating sales, customer interactions and weather so businesses can proactively plan for future marketing and sales efforts.

President of B2E, Keith Snow, is excited to launch this new analytics program into the local marketplace. “Weather influences consumer demand, having both positive and negative effects on web traffic, foot traffic, and ultimately sales. Advertisers who choose to ignore these effects on consumer behavior are likely missing out on growth opportunities. Many of the world’s largest and most respected companies are using weather data right now to assist in targeted marketing campaigns.”

Companies who have introduced weather data into their analytics portfolio have been able to identify retail trends associated with weather. For instance, periods of warm, sunny weather have been shown to improve consumer moods and produce increased response to marketing campaigns. Weather patterns can also influence a consumer’s decision to shop in-store or online.

“Consider an HVAC company that had access to this type of data,” explained Snow. “They can compare past temperatures with past sales volumes to predict when the greatest need for service would be and pre-emptively target customers with a marketing campaign to alert them it is time to schedule service appointments before the upcoming heat wave next week.”

While the integration of weather data into analytics is not a new concept, it is typically offered with costly long-term contract options. “One of our core values at B2E is to create innovative and affordable solutions for our clients,” said Snow. “We have researched weather analytics for several years now and have created a database of 150 million records that includes 41,000 zip codes based on the closest weather station. Not all communities have weather stations, so we created a process to maximize zip code coverage. This will allow clients to have over 10 years of weather data at an affordable price.”

Established in 2003, B2E Data Marketing is a data-driven, direct marketing organization wholly focused on results. When combined, their services and solutions provide a one-stop full service approach to data and direct marketing implementation needs. For more information about their new WeatherFootprint service, visit, or call 1-877-275-2360.

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