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3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Client List Online

If you’re looking for easy ways to grow your client list, look no further than your computer! Online marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, and it definitely doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. If executed correctly, consistent online marketing can have an impact on referrals to your company page and your inbox. Here are three easy ways to get started with an online marketing program.

1. Review and enhance your website

Every company should have a clean and functional website that displays information about your business and what makes you so great. When was the last time you reviewed your website content? Do you have new services you can tout? Or maybe it’s just time to refresh your sales messaging to attract a better prospect.

To look for opportunity on your website, you can utilize a free tool such as Google Analytics, to monitor the traffic on your pages. This will give you a little knowledge about where people are stopping to read and where they are exiting. If there are pages where people don’t stay long, take another look at the content on those pages and see what’s up – do you need to refresh your content or add a graphic? Video is also a great tool to garner attention on a website.

Remember your website is your company’s calling card, and it will be visited by someone interested in your services (if anything, just to ensure you are legit). Keep the content on your website fresh, updating it frequently.

2. Blog it

Blogs are extremely popular, and no wonder why, because they are a great place to easily sell your company, your company’s expertise and your employees. Getting prospects to sign up for your blog’s feed or newsletter should be your a goal. Not only do you gain their contact information, but you can also keep them updated on your current projects, your industry knowledge and new products/service offerings. Be careful not to get too salesy on your blog.

If you can maintain a consistent schedule for your blog and your content is fresh and relevant, online publications may begin to pick your blog up and re-publish it to their sites. This can be used like a launch pad to increase your audience size and grow your fan base.

3. Go for Social

So many businesses shy away from social media because there is some risk involved – you can’t control what users say. BUT, there are huge benefits from effective use of social media to gain prospects. It is inexpensive and a sounding board to push out your best content. Choose your social channels based on your audience. For instance, if you are in the DIY market, Pintrest may be a great option. If you are in insurance, LinkedIn may be for you. Know where your audience socializes and you’ll gain some valuable views.

What content should you be pushing out to your networks? How about that great stuff you just posted on your blog?! Other more interactive posts also would garner attention, such as videos, infographics and surveys.

Bonus: Track and Optimize

Putting it all together will help optimize and help you understand where your message it hitting the mark or where it needs improvement. Using free tools like google analytics will allow you to see the web traffic. Facebook will let you see data related to posts, likes, etc. Most blogging tools will also track data results too. What can lead to powerful insights is using tools as simple as excel or robust programs like MotusBase to pull all the data together can let you analyze your results together for optimization.

What other ideas/tips do you have? Let others learn from your expertise, add some thoughts below.

Good Luck!


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