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7 Benefits of a Marketing Database

For years large brand companies have utilized the powers of database marketing to reach and impress their brands upon millions of consumers. Today, the resources available for database marketing have grown exponentially. Marketing databases are no longer just for the big guys – small and medium business marketers are quickly learning that having and properly utilizing a marketing database can be a game changer. Here are 7 benefits to having a database in your marketing arsenal.

Benefits of a Marketing Database

1. No longer strangers

With a marketing database, your records become people. You can learn who they are demographically, socioeconomically and behaviorally. You can predict their future needs and potential communication response based on their collective information.

2. Speak to them

After you’ve met your prospects, you can get to work on personalization at a whole new level. Not only can a database help you determine channel selection best for your consumer, but it can also assist you with messaging segmentation. When you speak to your audiences by generation, location or other segments available in your data, you will realize increases in response rates and interaction.

3. Build loyalty

If you’re able to deliver the right message to the right person at precisely the right time, you are going to generate some major brand love. If you can speak to your consumers more frequently and keep your messages on point, they will listen and respond. It’s like handing them a nice refreshing beverage at the end of a long day at work…it’s needed and it’s appreciated.

4. Spend your money wisely

A marketing database can pay dividends when used to target audiences for campaigns. Save money by targeting only those you believe will respond – gone are the days of blanket communication. You’ll see your response rates and your ROI increase with more targeted marketing campaigns.

5. Spend your time wisely

A marketing database can also pay dividends in time savings for items like results tracking, identifying trends and pulling campaign files. Automation can also be gained with a database by integrating it with marketing automation platforms and vendors.

6. Grow your data

Marketers tend to shy away from purchasing data appends or lists when they don’t have a place to store them. With a marketing database, you do have a place to store them and utilize them to their maximum potential. Introducing external data is a game changer.

7. What’s next

A marketing database is able to help you identify your next biggest opportunity. The data can provide guidance to product teams, as well as marketing teams, and help drive business strategy. Being able to see where your efforts have been and where future opportunity lies is a key reason marketing databases are influencing decision making across the industry.

Whatever your reason for considering a marketing database, be sure that you have a plan in place for getting the most of your investment. To ensure success, keep your data clean and only purchase data from trusted and proven sources, like us! With our MotusBase Program, we can assist with database set up, maintenance and growth. Give us a shout, we would love to help!



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