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The Dynamic Duo: Email and Direct Mail

You’re interested in doing a direct mail and email campaign to the same group of prospects. This is a great mutli-channel approach to get your message across.

Where do you start?

Getting list counts is the first step. Start by running counts using your desired criteria for your prospect list. You will need a count approximately 4X higher than the final quantity you want to end up with for email.

Why do we need to get a higher count than your target campaign quantity?

The direct mail list compilers are rich in demographics and selects, where most email compilers are not. A typical email match rate is approximately 25% to 30% on a direct mail list, so you need to order more records to end up with the desired email quantity.

Do I have to pay for the records that don’t match?

Depends on who you work with to get your list. Here at B2E we do not be charged for the records that do not match on email. You will only pay for the desired quantity you are looking to mail and email.

What is the advantage/disadvantage of sending my direct mail piece first?

Email vendors will likely match all of the emails they have in their system that are on your direct mail list, however that is not the amount that will be delivered due to hard and soft bounces.

PRO - The direct mail file we send will have the final quantity desired.

CON - Not everyone who receives a direct mail piece will receive an email.

What is the advantage/disadvantage of deploying my email first?

If you want everyone to receive both an email and direct mail piece, a good option will be to run the email match process and deploy the email campaign first. You can then use the postal data after deployment and provide you with a direct mail list of those who have received an email.

PRO – Everyone you contact will receive both an email and a direct mail piece.

CON – The final quantity of those contacted may end up short of your target quantity.


Not sure how to get this done? Contact the experts here at B2E Direct to help you get your campaign executed right.

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