MotusIP Campaigns from B2E Data Marketing not only change the way online advertising is delivered; they also change the results dramatically.

Using innovative technology, MotusIP campaigns drive digital advertising by using IP addresses to deliver banner, audio and video ads to targets on websites, without using cookies, census block or geo-location tools.


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To learn more about these services, take a look at the slides below by clicking the left and right arrows. Each service is detailed with a description, an example, a simple image illustration and/or video.

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IP Targeting: B2C

Consumers (B2C) - reach consumers at their home address using a targeted customer or prospect list.

Example: You are a window sales company. Your ideal customer is 35 to 55 years old, makes over $100,000 per year and owns a 17-year-old home.  Digital ads can be sent to the prospect's home computer or smart phone as their visit their day-to-day websites (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)

IP Targeting B2C