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IP Targeting:B2C

Reach consumers at their home address using a targeted customer or prospect list.

MotusIP Campaigns:

More Targeted. 

More Successful.

Contact B2E Data Marketing and see how MotusIP Campaigns can help you increase accuracy, minimize waste, and drive results. 

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MotusIP: B2C

Sweet results, using no cookies.

MotusIP Campaigns from B2E Data Marketing not only change the way online advertising is delivered; they also change the results dramatically.

Using innovative technology, MotusIP campaigns drive digital advertising by using IP addresses to deliver banner and video ads to targets on websites, without using cookies, census block or geo-location tools.

This new twist on traditional direct mail strategy works through:

• IP Targeting that determines the IP address based on offline data such as the physical address

• Matchback Analysis determines which sales were a direct result of IP targeting


MotusIP Campaigns:

• Ability to run ads on over one million sites with 30 to 50 billion impressions daily

• Can run on websites where your target is surfing

• Targets ads to individuals and the sites they visit

• Assigns privacy IDs to every customer

• Integrates with any customer or prospect list

• Automatically blocks adult and spam sites

• Offers continuously updated reporting

For Web - IP Flow

Want Proof? Check out these remarkable increases.


50-100X more targeted than television


6-60X more effective than other online ads

High Click-Through

3.2X higher average click-through rates (CTR) than industry averages




  • Increase accuracy by mapping IP address with home addresses with 95+% accuracy.

  • Minimize waste by eliminating nearly all bots and malware.

  • Drive results by cross-referencing targets with sales to prove ROI.

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