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IP Targeting: B2C

Consumers (B2C) - reach consumers at their home address using a targeted customer or prospect list.

Example: You are a window sales company. Your ideal customer is 35 to 55 years old, makes over $100,000 per year and owns a 17-year-old home.  Digital ads can be sent to the prospect's home computer or smart phone as their visit their day-to-day websites (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)

IP Targeting B2C
IP Targeting B2C
IP Targeting B2B

IP Targeting: B2B 


Business (B2B) - reach employees/decision makers at their business address using a targeted customer or prospect lists.

Example: You are a bank that offers loans to dentists that need x-ray machines. The ideal target is dentist offices with 3 to 10 employees and have at least $2 million in revenue. Digital ads can be sent to ALL employee’s computer or smart phone as they visit websites at work (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)

IP Targeting B2B
Venue Back Home

Venue Back Home

Allows you to capture people’s device ids (cell phone) at the events they attend, where they work or shop. We can link their device id back to their home IP address to target them with digital ads.

Example: We can pull a database of all device ads that were captured at Wrigley Field in Chicago as fans attended baseball games from April 1 to September 30. You can then target this audience with an offer to purchase Chicago Cubs merchandise at their home computer or smart phone as their visit their day-to-day websites (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, etc.)

Venue Back Home
Captive B2B Locations

Captive B2B Locations

Targets digital ads to entire companies, conventions, trade shows, hotels, college campus or other commercial locations.

Example: You want to target a large trade convention at the MGM Grand Convention Center in Las Vegas. As the attendees connect to the convention WiFi, digital ads can be sent to their computer or smart phone as they visit websites between and during sessions (i.e. CNN, Fox, ESPN, Weather, etc.)

Captive B2B Locations
Anonymous Web Traffic

Anonymous Website Traffic

B2E now offers a breakthrough process for direct marketing. You can now reach anonymous online website visitors by mapping their IP number back to their home address so you can send them direct mail or digital ads. This database can also be used for profiling and segmentation analysis so you can send more relevant offers.


  • 10,000 unique monthly website visitors

  • Data must be safe harbored at B2E to comply with personally identifiable information (PII) requirements

  • Set-up takes two weeks after the pixel has been placed on your website

  • B2E will perform any ongoing IP audience based digital campaigns

  • Only approved data safe harbor printers can process data from B2E and send direct mail on your behalf

Example: You operate a home security system website that gets 100,000 visitors a month. These anonymous visitors are looking for a security system for their home. These leads are highly valuable to your organization if you’re able to capture and convert them. B2E will match the IP number of the website visitor to their home address. Third party data such as age, income and length of residence can be appended to help you segment these hot leads and create relevant offers to entice them to purchase from you. Timely direct mail and/or digital ads can be sent to them.

Anonymous Website Traffic - Reverse Appe
Digital Canvasing

Digital Canvasing

You provide a list of names, addresses and zip codes of your existing customers, and we run it through our IP Algorithm. Our algorithm will identify the IP addresses of homes within the line of site of your customer’s households.

Similar to how a service company would hand out flyers to the nearby houses after performing a service, Digital Canvassing looks at the street name and relative distance of intersections to determine which houses to serve digital ads to.

Neighborhood Canvasing
Digital Methods Cookie

Digital Methods: Cookie "IP Derived"

It is important to understand the different methods of digital targeting that our currently available. The Association of National Advertisers reports that only a quarter of all digital ad spend reaches real people (up to 75% is bot-driven ad fraud). B2E’s MotusIP drives traffic to 100% real households.

Cookie “IP Derived” -  targeting using historical cookies to formulate a profile of a household based on their digital footprint. Unfortunately, a lot of the information stored in cookies are wrong and conflicting. Also, with a large amount of traffic coming from mobile devices, 66% of them don’t accept cookies.

IP Comparison 1 - Cookie IP Derived Targeting
Digital Methods IP Clustes

Digital Methods: IP Clusters Targeting

“IP Clusters Targeting” - this method can only be as precise as about 1 in 20 households, rather than 1:1 household approach like we do with MotusIP. Companies providing this solution don't have the ability to bid directly on a specific IP address, so they target IP ranges to get the household you want, plus 15 ‐ 20 that are surrounding it. This process is not 1:1 and you’re wasting paid impressions on non-targets. This is more of a shotgun approach verses B2E’s sniper accuracy.

IP Comparison 2 - IP Cluster Targeting
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