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B2E Data is a marketing agency that uses data, analytics, insights and strategy to drive marketing and sales. Turn your data into actionable information.

What Do We Do?

B2E Data is a marketing agency that helps organizations make data-driven decisions.
We are wholly focused on results. When combined, our services and solutions provide a one-stop, full-service approach to meet all of your data and direct marketing implementation needs. 

B2E can update, enhance and clean your data, increase the value of your existing customers with third party data, and find more leads to send the right message at the right time.



Analytics can determine causes, disprove myths and create opportunities. You can quickly share actionable visual dashboards with your whole company using MotusBase.


Make sense of your data to make better decisions, predict which customers will be interested in other products, and understand how customer and prospect locations are relevant to your business.


Use data to execute on your marketing strategy and use insight to successfully introduce products and services. Help create marketing plans and business cases to communicate and sell great ideas internally.

What Makes B2E So Different?

Impact the piece of data that matters most—ROI.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the quickly evolving world of gathering, organizing and understanding data. That’s why B2E is the one-stop solution for all of your data marketing needs. We do so much more than marketing analytics. We create insights and campaigns that help you use data to its greatest advantage. The impact? You gain the confidence to take action and get better results.


Hyper Digital



Intelligence (AI)


Giving Back

More targeted, more successful. Using innovative technology, B2E’s MotusIP campaigns drive digital advertising by using IP addresses to deliver 1:1 banner, video and audio ads to targets on websites, without using cookies, census block or

geo-location tools.

AI continues to revolutionize business at a rapid rate - and marketing is no exception. B2E uses Artificial Intelligence to perform Sentiment Analysis to help you better understand your customers’ reactions to brand campaigns and events. By going beyond quantity of opinions, we give you unprecedented insight into the quality of your interactions with customers.

B2E’s goal is to make our community a better place. The "Big Data for Nonprofits" grant program was born out of a vision that we had at B2E to give back to our community. We wanted to offer nonprofits the same visual business intelligence and data analytics that we offer our other clients.




They visited your home page. Now reach them at their home address. Anonymous visitors to your website are obviously interested in your company. Now you can reach those red-hot online prospects with offline marketing. Reverse Append from B2E matches those website visitors’ IP numbers back to their home addresses, so you can communicate with highly valuable leads through direct mail campaigns.


Operating on a tight budget and hundreds of appointment slots needing to be filled? We can take a list of your previous customers and target them with display ads to warm them up before your company contacts them directly.


Using Reverse Append, we are able to find anonymous IP addresses of potential customers and match them to a physical address. The prospects can then be sent a custom-printed First-Class mail piece through a select print partner.


Using IP targeted digital process, we can match the physical address of a customer to an IP address. We can drop direct mail pieces into the home and follow up with digital ads a few weeks later. This dual-channel approach provides a huge lift over just doing direct mail alone.


Find ideas and inspiration for everything from data analytics, lead generation, direct and digital marketing and more.

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