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Credit Union Member Marketing

B2E helps GROW and EXPAND credit union memberships. We use IP technology to prospective or current credit union members digitally in their home.

Credit Unions

B2E provides the ability to GROW your credit union membership and expand your offerings.  We use IP technology to deliver ads to prospective or current credit union members digitally in their home.

With insight from a consumer database of more than 299 million consumers in more than 116 million households in the US along with advanced data science, we can create credit union audiences catered to your needs.

Get you digital message in front of the consumer at the time they need they need the services you offer.

  • Homeowners that just listed their home for sale

  • Consumers in the market for a new vehicle

  • Individuals with an affinity towards your credit union


Using innovative technology, B2E can DELIVER prospective members to your website or credit union using the IP address of the internet modem in their home. Once targeted with 95% and greater accuracy, your credit union banner and video ads will be delivered on the websites your future members are already viewing.   

  • 50-100X more targeted than television

  • 6-60X more effective than other online ads

  • 3.2X higher average click-through rates (CTR) than industry averages


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  • Increase accuracy by mapping IP address with home addresses with 95+% accuracy.

  • Minimize waste by eliminating nearly all bots and malware.

  • Drive results by cross-referencing targets with sales to prove ROI.

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